Perfect Complexion Routine


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Perfect Complexion Routine - Vivalyn
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The kit includes all of the Vivalyn products needed to perform the perfect complexion routine for light skin: Every great look starts with an even, blemish free complexion. Follow these simple steps keeping in mind that sometimes less is more.

Step 1 - Using three to four pumps of the tinted primer, spread evenly in a downward motion with fingertips. Blend outward around the hairline and neck.

Step 2 - If there are visible dark spots, under eye circles or other blemishes apply a small amount of dual concealer to the tip of finger. Tap fingertip repeatedly into blemish until it evens.

Step 3 - If there is still uneveness to the skin, dab the sponge applicator into the creme foundation and blot the uneven areas.

Step 4 - Dust bronzer using the deluxe powder brush for coloration or to add contour. For a more matte appearance or to set the complexion, dust with translucent powder.

  • Tinted Primer
  • Dual Concealer
  • Creme Foundation
  • Bronzer
  • Deluxe Powder Brush
  • Translucent Powder

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