Kit to Recreate Vivalyn Look 07


$ 146.00
Kit to Recreate Vivalyn Look 07 - Vivalyn

The kit includes all of the Vivalyn blush, eye shadow and lip shades needed to recreate Look 07:

Step 1 - Perform the perfect complexion routine.

Step 2 - Using the contour cheek brush, apply tiffany blush on the contour of the cheeks.

Step 3 - Curl eyelashes. Tip - To reduce dust from falling under the eye, hold a folded tissue in place under the eye while applying the dark colors.

Step 4 - Use the shadow brush and apply puddy matte shadow covering the entire eyelid from lashline to crease.

Step 5 - Use the shadow brush and apply mulberry luminous shadow to the crease and outer corner using the less than (<), greater than (>) motion.

Step 6 - Use the shadow brush and apply slate luminous shadow on the eyelid to blend.

Step 7 - Apply the onyx eye pencil on the lashline from the inner eyelid all the way to the outer eyelid and slightly beyond. For lower lashline, slightly pull downward under eye and apply on liner on the inner lashline

Step 8 - Apply mascara. Fill in brow using brush on brow and brow powder.

Step 9 - Line the lips with glacier pink lip pencil and fill in the entire lip.

Step 10 - Apply get wet lip gloss to the lips.

Step 11 - Finish the look by using the blender brush and dusting chantilly lace pearl shadow on the cheekbones to highlight.