Try the Vivalyn Free Makeup Promotion!

Do you love makeup? Do you like sharing beauty secrets with your friends and family? Want to receive a discount on products or even get product for free? At Vivalyn we reward you for your loyalty! Our generous rewards program passes the sales commission to you ...our customers and gives your friends and family a discount for trying out our products. What do you have to lose? Here is all that you need to do to get started:

Send us an email at with your name, address, email and phone number. We will create you a custom coupon code that anyone can use to receive 10% off of our products, valid for an entire month. Using the power of social media, send the coupon code to all of your friends and family and every time someone orders from us using your personalized coupon code, you will get an additional credit equal to 10% of their order to use towards the purchase of products. As soon as the coupon expires, you will receive an email stating the amount of sales generated with your coupon, your credit amount and details on how to redeem your credit. It's that simple!

Free Makeup Promotion Example:

1. Missy requests a coupon code from us by emailing us at
2. We reply back with coupon code: missymakeup1, which is good for a 10% discount on all Vivalyn products for 1 month
3. Missy posts the coupon code on Facebook and sends the coupon code out to all of her Twitter followers
4. Some of Missy's friends and family purchase products with the coupon code and receive the 10% discount
5. At the expiration of the coupon, Missy receives an email from Vivalyn stating:
  • Coupon Code: missymakeup1
  • Sales generated with coupon: $1000
  • Credit to Missy Makeup: $100 (10% of $1000 sales proceeds)
  • Directions how to redeem the credit
Email us at and get your personalized coupon code today!