Look 02

Step 1 - Perform the perfect complexion routine.
Step 2 - Using the contour cheek brush, apply pale peach blush on the apples of the cheeks. Step 3 - Curl eyelashes.
Step 4 - Use the shadow brush and apply champagne pearl shadow covering the entire eyelid from lashline to browline and also apply to lower lashline.
Step 5 - Use the shadow brush and apply mocha matte shadow to eyelid crease.
Step 6 - Apply a thin line with the onyx eye pencil to upper lashline from the start of the eyelashes to slightly past the outer corner.
Step 7 - Apply mascara.
Step 8 - Fill in brow using brush on brow and brow powder.
Step 9 - Line the lips with glacier pink lip pencil and fill in the entire lip.
Step 10 - Apply peep show lip glaze to the entire lip.
Step 11 - Finish the look with a little bad bessy lip gloss.