What are your top 3 makeup tips?

1. Wear the right shade of foundation. Making a foundation mistake is the quickest way to ruin your makeup look—and it’s also the most common mistake I see. When choosing your foundation, always check it in natural light. It should seamlessly blend into your skin.
2. Remember to always prep your skin before applying makeup: your skin is your canvas. Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize to create a smooth surface.
3. Always check your makeup in natural daylight. Some mistakes you can't see in your bathroom light — check it in natural daylight for best results.


What are the 3 items you can't live without?

1. Moisturizer. I approach skin care as the first step in makeup application; it is preparing the canvas for a flawless look. Foundation applied to dry skin quickly looks flaky and powder on top enhances the dryness making it difficult to blend your other makeup products.
2. Eye lash curler. Curling your lashes instantly opens the eyes and gives the eyes a wide-eye appearance.
Cheek color - A little cheek color gives instant radiance to the skin. It gives your entire face a healthy glow.
4. OK, one more — Concealer. A little concealer goes a long way and will instantly brighten up dark circles under eyes, giving you a more rested appearance.